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UK Retail Sales Jump 2.9% in June
Jul 20, 11:01 AM ET
U.K. retail sales volume in June jumped 2.9% from a year ago month but increased 0.6% from May 2017. Retail weekly spending soared 15.9% to 1.1 billion and online sales surged 15.9% from a year ago month.
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Euro Zone Construction Declines 0.7% in May
Jul 19, 9:12 AM ET
Seasonally adjusted construction activities in May declined 0.7% from the previous month in euro zone and 1.1% in the EU28. In April, activities in euro zone rose 0.3% and 0.2% in the EU28. Compared to a year ago month, activities soared 2.6% in euro zone and 2.5% in the EU28.
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UK Producer Prices jumped to 3.3% in June
Jul 18, 10:04 AM ET
UK producer prices index for all manufactured products in June jumped to 3.3% from a year ago month. Between June and May output price fell 0.3%. In June total input prices index advanced 9.9% from May.
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UK CPI in June Drops to 2.6%
Jul 18, 10:05 AM ET
UK annual inflation measured at consumer prices in June dropped to 2.6% from 2.9% in May. Compared to a year ago month consumer prices index was 0.5%. The rates mainly increase in housing and household services, furniture and household goods for that offset by falls in motor fuel prices.
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Euro Zone Inflation Rate Declines to 1.3% in June
Jul 17, 9:11 AM ET
In a preliminary estimate the annual inflation rate in the euro zone declined to 1.3% in June from 1.4% in May. In June 2016 the rate was 0.1%. European Union annual inflation in June dropped 1.4% from 1.6% in May. In June 2016 the rate was 0.1%.
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Euro Zone Trade Surplus Narrows to 21.4 Billion
Jul 14, 6:50 AM ET
First estimate of the euro zone trade surplus in May with rest of the world narrowed to 21.4 billion from surplus of 23.4 billion in a year ago month. In the EU28 trade surplus narrowed 4 billion in May with rest of the world from surplus of 5 billion in a year ago month.
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May Industrial Output Increases 1.3%
Jul 12, 9:58 AM ET
Industrial output in May increased 1.3% in the euro zone and rose 1.2% in the EU28 from April. In April production rose 0.3% in euro zone and 0.1% in the EU28. Compared to year ago production in May jumped 4% in the euro zone and in the EU28.
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UK Unemployment Falls to 4.5%
Jul 12, 9:53 AM ET
UK unemployment rate for the three months to May declined to 4.5% from 4.9% in a year ago period and lowest since 1975. There were 1.49 million unemployed people in the three months to May and decreased 152,000 from a year ago period.
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UK Output Falls 0.1% in May
Jul 07, 9:41 AM ET
Total production output in May fell 0.1% from April. Between May and April, total production output dropped 1.2%, output in mining and quarrying fell 0.8% while Manufacturing output slid 1.1% and Output in Electricity dropped 3.5%.
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UK Trade Deficit Widens at 3.1 billion in May
Jul 07, 9:32 AM ET
The seasonally adjusted UK trade deficit in goods and services in May widened to 3.1 billion from 2.1 billion in April. Export prices in May fell 1% and import prices slid 0.8%. The trade in goods deficit in the three months to May widened to 8.9 billion from 6.9 bn in three months to February.
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